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5 Steps to a Fully Functioning Fingertech Viper Kit!

Viper kits make building your first robot fun and easy. It's a great way to get into the sport without a huge investment and find out what type of robot you really love to drive. They are wonderful fo...

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Bunny’s Antweight Tips and Tricks

By Bunny Sauriol, Captain, Team Malice

Antweight Winner

Little things make a huge difference

I've been competing since 2002, which puts me at 20 years in November! In that time, robots have changed dramatically. W...

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Getting ready for your first event

By Bunny Sauriol, Captain, Team Malice

Watching a fight

You’ve built a robot! Now what?

My first event I got so excited I got physically sick the night before, and I still had a ton of fun. Though there isn’t a thin...

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